02 Sana | In Light of Compromise

Sana is a senior at Manhattan International High School. She was born in Pakistan but left the country to live in America with her father when she was a young teenager. In her essay, Sana explores what it means to feel confident about herself and connected to the people around her. Through working with her teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Cinzia, Sana learns too what it means to compromise. 

Special Thanks to: 

Sana for sharing her story. 

Everyone at Manhattan International High School, specifically the students and Principal Gladys. An extra special thanks to Ms. Susan and Ms. Cinzia for sharing their time and work. 

Natasha Warikoo, Associate Professor of Education at Harvard. For more information on her publications please visit:  https://www.gse.harvard.edu/faculty/natasha-warikoo

Chris McLeod for producing the show and for creating the theme song for the series. 

Murray Nossel, the executive producer of the show, for the series concept and guidance along the way. 

Everyone at Memory Motel: Terence Mickey, Bart Warshaw, Kerrianne Thomas, Samira Tazari, and Carson Frame. 

Jerome Deroy and Jeffrey Yamaguchi for your support. 

Artist Caitlin Watkins for the show logo and awesome episode illustrations.