08 Angie and Jonathan | Face It

Angie and Jonathan both have something in common. Yes, they are both immigrant teenagers getting accustomed to life in America after moving from Columbia and Honduras, and yes, they both go to Manhattan International High School. But beyond all that, in this episode they are encouraged to face internal anxieties through the power of teamwork and community. 

Special Thanks to: 
Angie and Jonathan for sharing their stories.
Everyone at Manhattan International High School.
Chris McLeod for producing the show and for creating the theme song for the series. 
Terence Mickey for executive producing the episode. 
Murray Nossel for the series concept. 
Samira Tazari and Kerrianne Thomas for your work online. 
Artist Caitlin Watkins for the episode illustration.
What's Happening Here is a production from The Listening Booth.