11 Susan | The Way You Handle It

After studying psychology, Susan moved to New York to find a job in what she called “a young person’s field" and as a result, landed a successful career in advertising. Years later, taking the expertise she gained in production into the classroom, Susan began working with high school students on their communication skills. Each year, she and Ms. Cinzia produce the annual speech day at Manhattan International High School. This final episode of Season One explores why Ms. Susan believes listening to students and allowing them to share their personal stories is important. 

Special Thanks to: 
Susan for sharing her story and allowing me into her life. 
Everyone at Manhattan International High School.
Chris McLeod for producing the show and for creating the theme song for the series. 
Terence Mickey for executive producing the episode. 
Murray Nossel for the series concept. 
Samira Tazari and Kerrianne Thomas for your work online. 
Artist Caitlin Watkins for the episode illustration.
What's Happening Here is a production from The Listening Booth.